It is with great sadness that the Group Board announces the death of John Nugent on Friday 10 December 2010 at the age of 68 as a result of a severe stroke in June.

John has been the Chairman and Chief Executive of The Stamford Group Limited since its inception in 1982 when he led the management buyout of the Stalybridge operation from Guinness PLC.

He joined the WCB Group in 1963 as a Sales Administrator rising to the position of Joint Managing Director in 1972. Under John’s direction WCB flourished and became the UK’s market leader in Materials Handling Containers.  As a result of its success WCB was acquired by Guinness plc in 1976.  In their time, both “WCB” and the pioneering industrial mail order division of “Mailbox” became synonymous with plastic containers in the Materials Handling Industry.

For over 40 years these companies have had a strong and enduring association with Plastics manufacturing in the Stalybridge area and it was a source of great satisfaction to John that against many economic odds, a manufacturing base was maintained and provided secure employment to generations of local residents.  The Stamford Group has also built up successful operations abroad and in particular John enjoyed travelling to the USA where he was especially proud of Opto Inc. as a British start up operation bucking the normal trend by trading successfully and profitably in the USA.

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JOHN MICHAEL NUGENT, M.B.E.  1942 – 2010
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  • CSCS
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