Moulding products ranging in size from a 50p piece weighing 30 grams, up to a transit van at 95 kilos is our passion- and everything in between. If you’re looking for products to move, to store, to hold, to display- we’ll have the answer.

Mailbox Products

  • Containers – returnable, rigid, logistics, medical, storage, stacking, nesting, food approved and bulk.
  • Trucks, troughs, dollies and trolleys. Pallets – food approved and one trip. Shelving – food approved and back room.
  • Grit bins, waste bins, ingredients bins, litter bins and recycling bins. Sledges, shovels, scoops and ploughs.
  • Tanks UN approved, drums and IBC’s.
  • Custom moulding and contract moulding


  • Medical containers
  • Healthcare Trolleys
  • Shelving – high density, bulk, wire, chrome, sterile, basic, mobile and rolling
  • Furniture and fixed equipment, base units, wall cabinets, full height cabinets and tambour cabinets

Stamford Retail Display

  • Display shelving
  • Hanging rail, wall mounted, freestanding, gondolas and display accessories

For systems:

  • ConstructionLine
  • Acclaim
  • HAS
  • CSCS
  • Construction Skills
  • Recycle
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